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Football Elite is a football betting service specialising on top class club football - ie the big 5 European leagues (England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France). The service has been in operation since 2006 and has grown members betting banks by over 350% in that time.

The ethos of the service is a contrarian approach, going against the grain of what the majority of people do in top flight football markets. Betting is also very selective, only betting when all conditions are in our favour and we have a large margin of value. The focus is only on the very highest liquidity markets - ie the 1x2 or Asian Handicaps. This means the service is simple to follow to virtually any size stake and is sustainable for members to follow long term and stakes can grow to a virtually unlimited amount.

The service has earned over the years an unparalleled reputation and subscribers include p
rofessional gamblers, high profile betting media figures, syndicates, betting related bloggers and fellow tipster service operators.

The main benefits of subscribing to the service include:-

A completely free 30 day free trial is available with absolutely no obligation to subscribe afterwards.

If you decide to subscribe after your trial, prices represent huge value for money at just £179.99 for 12 months membership (or £99.99 for 6 months). Football Elite's subscription prices are the lowest of any verified long term profitable service on the internet. A "pay per profit" option of £100 per 10pts profit made is also available.

Long term live profit made to level stakes. There are no theoretical or back tested results quoted here. All results are live results proofed to all the major proofing organisations.

All bets are in very high liquidity markets. Bets are sent out at least 24hrs before the game, at a regular time with generally somewhere around 10 bets per week. This makes the service incredibly easy to follow both in terms of getting your bets on (no matter how high you stake) and also in terms of actual workload.

2013/14 is Football Elite's 8th season. We have been through all the ups and downs that betting brings in that time and have proven that the service is here for the long term. As the service is subscribed to by many prominent bloggers, journalists and review sites it is simple for you to verify that the things stated on this site are true.

The number 1 tipster review site, The Secret Betting Club, has given Football Elite their highest honour of a Hall of Fame rating. Only around 20 services out of the 1,000's SBC have reviewed over the years have made it into the Hall of Fame. See the testimonial page for more details and other reviews of the service.

On top of the official bets that the figures quoted on this website are based on, there are also many additional extras included free of charge in your membership. These include various long term profitable strategies and research tools to help with your own betting. See the Extras page for more details.


You can try the service for free for 30 days via the Join Now page. It's not going to cost you a penny to try. You can cancel at any time before the trial ends and you will not be charged a thing. Please take some time to have a look around the site, check our results and read more about the service.

Any question
s please don't hesitate to get in touch.



+ 460% ROC on starting betting bank

1.9% ROI + 7.6% ROC

- 9.7% ROI + - 43.6% ROC

14.8% ROI + 59.0% ROC

3.3% ROI + + 13.0% ROC

20.2% ROI + 101.4% ROC

13.6% ROI + 60.1% ROC

15.3% ROI + 83.0% ROC

14.2% ROI + 80.2% ROC

* All bets are proofed to Secret Betting Club and Pro Gambler



"We can't speak highly enough of Football Elite and Matt its operator. Not only have returns been excellent, but the practicality, customer service and transparency are also exemplary."
The Secret Betting Club

"Being a stats-based punter/advisor in my chosen field of horseracing, I am naturally drawn to similar services in other sports and Football Elite is my chosen football-based stats service as it is hard to get away from the long-term consistency which has generated profits via Matt's respected selective approach."
Paul Jones, author of Weatherbys Cheltenham Festival Guide

"Consistently profitable, great customer service, markets are perfect. The backbone of my tipster portfolio and very highly recommended"
Mark Johnson, professional gambler

"So where are we with FE? A long-running, successful service, run by a seasoned pro with a sound methodology, making selections in markets which are easy to get big money into. That'll do for me."
Rowan Day, The Portfolio Investor

"Football Elite, or rather Matt the man behind the service, has an innovative, clever and contrarian approach to football betting. Crucially, this is combined with a steady and pragmatic approach to the variances of betting that inspires the kind of confidence I wish I had in my traditional financial investments. Yes it's betting, but it's betting done properly"
Simon Owen, financial author

"if you enjoy making steady profits for little risk, then Matt Love will definitely see you right and Football Elite will be very good for you."

"Do I think you should join him? Yes I do, he is the best I have seen so far by some way."

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